Discover the Artwork at JRH

What makes a house feel like a home better than artwork? Bits of treasure from past travels evoke the people, places, and words of encouragement that inspired you to get “THAT PIECE OF ART” — a special painting or sculpture that would look perfect in your home.

The wholly-owned art collection of The John Randall House found a new home in Provincetown when Don relocated here from North Carolina. The eclectic collection consists of pieces acquired during travels throughout the United States and abroad. The collection continues to grow based on our interest in local masters and up-and-coming newcomers.

Not only does original art hang in every guest room and throughout the inn’s public spaces, but all of it has a connection to travel, rediscovery of self, and other subjects that stirred something personally in me.

Step into the foyer of the John Randall House and you are surrounded by an eclectic sampling of art from around the world. Directly in front of you is a stained glass window salvaged from a church on the Cape. The light-filled bistro room to your left is filled with pictures of whaling boats and a stainless steel whale in tribute to Thomas S. Taylor, Captain of the Rising Sun, the whaling boat captain who originally built the house.

Sculpted tri-dimensional tiles by Sid Dickens adorn the wall as you ascend the stairway to the second floor. Sid’s work is internationally renowned for its historical, symbolic and sometimes gothic motifs featuring sensual, dark tones.

Other notable pieces include the Matisse Fleur-de-lis in the second floor hallway and Romero Britto’s “Spanish Sensation” in Room 2. In other hallways and rooms you’ll find works from Hilda Neily, James Frederick, Cassandra, Shania LeClaire Riviere , Michael Moss and many other local artists.

Explore the house, peruse our collections, and see what makes The John Randall House such a unique space in this artistic town at the very tip of Cape Cod.

"Fleur De Lys, Variation 4" Mattisse

"Octopus Triptect"

"Bite the Bullet" Cassandra

Two Black Crows

"The Girls"

"Out the Window"Shania LeClaire Riviere

"Watercolor Pool 1" Shania LeClaire Riviere

"Yes Lord" Bernard Hoyes

"Saltwater Farm, Flooded Field" Michael Palmer

"Whale Tail" T.J. Walton

"Hats at Hallelujah" Michael Palmer


"Poppies" Jennifer Bowman

"Spanish Sensation" Romero Britto

"Golden Skies"

"Parking Lot" Michael Moss


" Winter Twilight" Helen Ottaway


"Surf Harbor 1 & 2" Kenny Lockwood

"Iris:" Kenny Lockwood

"Pretty in Pink" Karen Capatto

"Roses" Kenny Lockwood

"Spring" Hilda Neily

"Liberty" Peter Max

"Still Life" Harry Folsom

"Bird Bath" Michael Moss

"Hunter" Johniene Papandreas

"String Quilt 1896" Hannah Wilcox

"Painted Glass" Karen Copatto